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shake shake rattle, bang your head.

i think everyone would agree with me when i say:
its time for an update.

ah cha cha.

yea. uhm. i see we have some uh, new members.
which i have no idea who they are.
i think its only fair for those few to tell us who they be.
& you still need initiation!
=) im not too sure what the initiation is.
ill have to talk that over with kristian joseph.

uhm, i think i have discovered a new way of tittie checking:

the foot tittie check.
which consists of checking the breast with the foot.
one would rather do that to the person while they are laying down and avoid falling over and/or hurting yourself.

i think that is all for now
be safe&keep on checking.
much <3
paola =)
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damn. i guess its my time

go ahead- initiat me. *closes eyes* ehhhh

haha. later
haha good sport.

now for the second half..
yes. i think this is best achieved when laying down. especiallly since im short, id have to lift my leg pretty high to do that.

i think my favorite tittie check is the "right after you wake up and youre still not wearing a bra tit check' =)

i love youuu
i think it should be named

"right after debbie wakes up, still has crust in her eyes, and doesnt have a bra on tittie check"

haha i love youuu. call me
i'm nay
and i live in orlando
oo lala.
thats..waaaaay up north.
booop welcome! =)
Let's bake a cake!!!
P! Nay's coming down in a few weeks! you should initiate her then!! ahaahaaaa!!
we should definately bake a cake!
lala we should initiate her and bake her a cake!
at the same time!